Milwaukee Mi555-006 Stabilizer for Mi455 Mini Titrator (80 x 0.27g)

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SKU: MI555-006
Size: 0.27 g
Quantity: 80


Mi555-06 Stabilizer Reagent is required for determination of SO2 using Mi455 SO2 Mini Titrator. Mi455 requires the addition of Mi555-06 stabilizer powder to convert iodate into iodine. Iodine reacts with sulfur dioxide. Iodate offers a longer shelf life than Iodine.

The Mi555-06 powder is packaged into single use packets that are emptied into the sample prior to performing the titration.

Design Features

  • Pre measured sachets
  • Includes expiry date and lot numbers


  • Description: Stabilizer SO2 sachets
  • Package: Sachet
  • Size: 0.27g
  • Quantity: 80