Milwaukee MA9071 Oxygen Electrolyte Solution

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The MA9071 electrolyte fill solution is designed for Milwaukee's polarographic dissolved oxygen probe. A high quality electrolyte solution is crucial to the performance of your dissolved oxygen probe.

Design Features

Precise formulation

Factory mixed using reagent grade chemicals in a dedicated, temperature controlled environment.


Product labeled with product code, lot number and expiration date.


Air tight bottle with tamper-proof seal.

Use and Care

“Open Air” Calibration Procedure for the MW600 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

1. Remove the membrane

Take the membrane off the end of the probe and dry the diode off.

2. Zero out the display

Connect the probe to the base unit and turn the unit on. Your display should read 0.0. If it does not, go to the position “0” screw on the front of the unit with the screw driver provided and through the access hole make the unit display read 0.0.

3. Fill the membrane

Go to the membrane and put the “O” ring inside the membrane on the shoulder at the base of the threads. Fill the membrane to just short of the “O” ring with MA9071 electrolyte solution. Be sure that there are no bubbles inside the membrane. (Air bubbles are the main cause of calibration failure)

4. Attach the membrane

Screw the membrane on to the probe.


5. Let stablize

Turn the meter on and hang the probe off the end of a table pointing down and let the unit display stabilize (this may take 5 to 15 minutes)

6. Adjust

Push down and hold the “Cal” button on the front face of the meter and with the screwdriver go to the front Cal position “100%” and make the display read 100.


You are now calibrated.


Extra tips

  • Watch for the membrane having wrinkles or stretch marks. If you see wrinkles, replace with a new membrane.
  • Always use fresh electrolyte solution (MA9071).


Watch this video to learn more about the Open Air Calibration method.


Thank you for considering Milwaukee to help you take your results to the next level.


  • Package: Bottle
  • Size: 230 mL
  • Quantity: 1
  • Certificate of Analysis: No